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MTV highlights the`bakras’ who fell to society’s expectations

It’s a cheeky little spot from the channel for April Fool’s Day.

“Bas 12th nikal lo, ek baar college mil gaya toh maze hi maze.”

“Bas post-graduation karlo, warna accha job kaise milega?”

“Bas ab shaadi karlo, umar badi ho gayi toh choices nahi milengi.”

“Bas ab bacche, future planning, bacchon ki shaadi, bacchon ke bacche…”

How often have you heard parents utter these lines to cajole their kids into doing something against their wishes? And yet, each time the kids fall for it.

This betrayal, or as the great Tulsi Virani put it `vishwasghaat’, is what MTV has shone a light on for its April Fool’s Day spot. The poor kids agree to these demands, with the hope that they’ll get to do what they want once the task is completed. If they only knew the `real face’ of their parents.

The film showcases the guitar as a symbol of a joke that our life has been playing on us and, unfortunately, there’s no escape from it. Towards the end of the film, we see the protagonist conditioning his baby in a similar fashion, which is a blatant reminder of how certain conventions are followed across generations.

“So, this April Fool’s Day, raise a toast with MTV and have a laugh for being the fools we never intended to be,” remarks the media giant.