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Mullen Lintas to handle creative duties for Marico's Veggie Clean

The agency currently also handles Marico's edible oil brand Saffola.

Marico has recently launched Veggie Clean, a vegetable and fruit cleaner. To launch and promote the new product, it has granted its full-service creative mandate to Mullen Lintas Mumbai. The agency currently also handles Marico's edible oil brand Saffola.

Increasingly, both personal and domestic hygiene have become a top priority for consumers. While hand, body, home and kitchen hygiene are in practice, ensuring complete cleansing of our fresh produce is still limited to only rinsing them with water. To bridge this gap with an innovative solution, Marico Limited has launched a first-of-its-kind fruit and vegetable cleaner. This unique, all-natural solution helps get rid of germs, bacteria, chemicals and waxes present on the surface of veggies and fruits.

The agency is deputed to position the new brand in the market, execute its launch, and build a sustainable advertising and communication strategy for Veggie Clean. Creating a robust digital presence for the brand across multiple social, digital and e-comm touchpoints is also part of the creative mandate.

Talking about the win, Hari Krishnan, CEO, Mullen Lintas said: "Over the past few years, personal and domestic hygiene have become paramount for consumers across the country, which has led to many new behavioural trends and habits. We are delighted that Marico has assigned us the creative duties for Veggie Clean and our task is to create a permanent place for the brand across the many kitchens of India. This will be a digital-first brand and teams have already begun the work to craft the brand idea and seed the brand message.”

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