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Mumbai Police's Dussehra PSA stars Raavan of all people

Made by Schbang, it has Lankesh highlighting the need for wearing a helmet.

Enough had been said about the importance of wearing helmets and yet many show indifference and sometimes disdain towards this safety gear. Thus, Mumbai Police and Mumbai Traffic Police decided to take the help of Raavan to get this face through the rule breakers’ thick skulls.

The film timed around Dusshera features a man dressed as Raavan shown riding a scooter down a lane. At a traffic signal, he pulls up next to an ‘aam aadmi’ who is also waiting for the signal to turn green. The aam aadmi is not wearing a helmet. Raavan pulls up beside him, they exchange looks and he says, “Murkh, humare dus aur tumhare?”, laughs and he drives off.

The film, which highlights the importance of riding with a helmet closes with the public announcement, ‘You only have one head. Wear a helmet.’ The film in a humorous and quirky way showcases the importance of wearing helmets.

“Helmets are mandatory for bikers, on behalf of Mumbai Police I appeal to all drivers to use helmets and follow the rules,” said, Commissioner of Police Vivek Phansalkar, Mumbai Police.

Upon the launch of the film, Jt. Commissioner Rajvardhan, Mumbai Traffic Police said, “This film is a call to action for people of the city, state and even the country to wear helmets. While Raavan has 10 heads, the aam aadmi has only one head. The idea of this film is to increase awareness of wearing helmets.”

Harshil Karia, Founder, Schbang said, “The film for Dussehra hits on very human truth. Most of us act like we are Raavan and we have 10 heads and hence don’t wear a helmet.”

“It’s so critical to wear a helmet for safety reasons and grateful to the Mumbai Police and Mumbai Traffic Police for attacking this concept and giving us the right support to allow us to shoot this film we hope that the citizens in Mumbai and other citizens across the country enjoy this piece and more importantly remember to wear a helmet every day when they ride.”

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