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Neeman’s partners with The Minimalist for its quirky, new campaign #PehnogeTohSamjhoge

The campaign aimed to portray the inner feeling of a sneakerhead in a humorous and relatable manner.

The Minimalist launched a brand new campaign for Neeman's, a sustainable shoe company that is passionate about crafting shoes that make you feel good, look good, and do good for the planet.

Neeman’s partnered with The Minimalist to launch their new campaign #PehnogeTohSamjhoge!’ to put out the message that Neeman’s isn’t just a shoe, it’s a feeling. The campaign kicked off with an edgy brand film that went viral across social media platforms. The campaign aimed to portray the inner feeling of a sneakerhead in a humorous and relatable manner, telling the viewers why you shouldn’t mess with anybody’s sneakers, especially with Neeman’s Shoes. The campaign, based on a key insight from the customers, has leveraged the brand’s loyal community to become an online sensation.

The digital film garnered immense traction and racked up 3 lakh views on Instagram and 5.7 lakh views on YouTube in just 24 hours.

Commenting on the campaign, Sahil Vaidya, co-founder, The Minimalist said, “Ever since our first meeting with Neeman’s, we were very excited with the idea of building one of India’s coolest shoe brands. We have embarked on that journey with the #PehnogeTohSamjhoge campaign, a quirky take on the emotions of a diehard sneakerhead. It was very exciting to build an unusual piece of communication and we’re all the more excited to up the ante with more inventive communication for the brand”

On the campaign’s partnership, Taran Chhabra, CEO, Neeman’s said, “At Neeman’s,  we not only understand sneakers but also the emotions of the wearer. More than anything, it’s an experience and an emotion unique to every sneakerhead, and that’s what we have tried to convey through this campaign. We partnered with The Minimalist so they could help us bring our vision to life by creating an edgy campaign- #PehnogeTohSamjhoge which our audiences are absolutely loving”

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