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Nescafe Classic’s ASMR ad suggests coffee-rains combo

Generally Indians tend to crave for a hot cup of tea in the rains.

In a recent commercial, Nescafe Classic has incorporated Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) triggers. The ad aptly uses sounds to trigger a tingling and relaxing sensation amongst the viewers.

Generally rains in India tend to drive a strong craving for a hot cup of tea. Through this ad Nescafe presents an alternative in the form of a hot cup of coffee.

The ASMR effect makes one instantly crave for it. The ad has used multiple sensory sounds including the rains, boiling hot water and milk, spoon against the ceramic cup and even whispering. And each of these sounds triggers the senses.

Last year, Nescafe Gold had attempted a similar ASMR commercial.

Brands are increasingly deploying ASMR into their marketing campaigns to drive more consumer engagement. It offers an opportunity to showcase products from a sensory perspective. Some of the ASMR triggers are whispering, scratching, soft talking, physical touch, turning pages of an old book, etc.

In the past, IKEA has used ASMR in some of its advertising.

Lush, a British cosmetics brand, had collaborated with Taylor Darling, an ASMR artist, to promote its products.

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