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Nestlé switches to damage control mode; launches print campaign to rebuild trust

The damage control move from the food and beverage giant comes following new reports questioning the ‘healthiness’ of the brand’s products.

Nestlé India’s latest print campaign reinforces the brand’s assurance of offering quality products. The ad campaign comes only a few days after news reports questioning the ‘healthiness’ of the company’s products surfaced.

The damage control initiative from the food and beverage giant comes following a Financial Times story around an internal company presentation. It showed that about 70 per cent of its food products portfolio failed to achieve a rating above 3.5 (out of 5) under Australia’s health star rating system. The development caused ripples globally.

The print ad invokes the brand’s long-standing presence in the Indian market to reinforce trust. ‘We've been part of your lives for over 100 years. It feels great to be trusted like family’.

Nestlé print ad
Nestlé print ad

The copy reads, “We have always been committed to create a range of products for you and your family that serves enjoyment, delicious taste and nutritious smiles. You can put your trust, as always, in every Nestlé product. For it's made with an assurance of quality, with over a 100 years of trust.”

It then asks the customers to reach out to the company directly in case of concerns or queries.

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