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Netflix may bring in-app purchases and ads to games: WSJ

Currently, Netflix gives games to subscribers for free as part of the subscription.

For the past two years, Netflix subscribers have enjoyed access to over 75 mobile games, all included in their subscription at no extra cost. These games feature popular titles like Grand Theft Auto, Love Is Blind, and Oxenfree. This might change soon as the streaming giant is now planning to increase revenue from its gaming venture, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

According to a report by WSJ, Netflix has been exploring various strategies to monetise its games. These include options like introducing in-app purchases, pricing premium titles, and incorporating ads into games accessible to subscribers on its ad tier.

Netflix initially seemed to dismiss the notion of ads and in-game payments as discussed in an earnings call in April 2023. According to Greg Peters, co-CEO of Netflix, the company wants to offer a distinct gaming experience. It will grant game creators the freedom to craft games solely focused on player enjoyment, without concerns about alternative forms of monetisation like ads or in-game payments.

Peters told investors, “We want to have a differentiated gaming experience and part of that is giving game creators the ability to think about building games purely from the perspective of player enjoyment and not having to worry about other forms of monetization, whether it be ads or in-game payment."

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