Aishwarya Ramesh

Netflix's new show promo resembles anti-fraud BFSI ads

A promo for Netflix India's new show Jamtara demonstrates how fraud is perpetrated in a bid to raise awareness. It has a Jamtara connection

Somewhere in the middle of December 2019, Netflix announced three new original series in partnership with Tipping Point, the digital content arm of Viacom18 Studios. The series are produced by Tipping Point and will join the growing slate of Netflix’s original productions made in India and watched by the world. One of these three series was a Netflix Original titled Jamtara - Sabka Number Aayega - which explores in depth the conflicts that emerge when a small town is identified as India’s phishing capital.

Earlier on LinkedIn, we spotted a promo for the series, which shows a mobile fraud being played out as a schoolteacher from Jamtara cons an elderly man out of his retirement fund. This is one of the many ways Netflix India has been promoting Jamtara. Another promo was shot like an episode of a news feature, complete with a dramatic host narrating the grim events to the camera.

In addition to these two promos, Netflix has partnered Vice Media to put out a six-minute long documentary on its official YouTube channel, talking about the scams from the fraudsters' point of view.

Earlier in September 2019, OLX had released an ad campaign to raise consumer awareness. The three ads in the campaign were educational in nature and focused on how 'not' to use OLX. The first ad tells users to conduct physical transactions in public spaces. The other two ads deal with online transactions. They also highlight features like blocking suspicious users and reporting them. Apart from the educational messaging, the ads maintain OLX's core message that anything and everything can be bought or sold on the platform. The ads have been crafted by Enormous Brands, OLX's creative agency on record.

Brands from the BFSI sector have also teamed up with police in certain states to raise awareness on matters concerning security. Some of these ads have a similar format as Jamtara's trailer and the others involve 'piece to camera' shots, focused on information dissemination.