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Network18's Firstpost issues an alert about fraudulent ads involving Palki Sharma by cybercriminals

Managing editor Palki Sharma brought attention to the ads and alerted the users.

Firstpost has issued an alert about fraudulent ads involving the misuse of the name and image of its managing editor, Palki Sharma by cyber criminals.

Individuals have been deceived through false ads on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, claiming to offer stock market courses by Palki Sharma.

Bringing attention to the false ads, Palki Sharma posted on X and alerted the users. In her post, she said, “This is a scam. A lot of you have shared these posts with me in the last few days. (Thanks for flagging!) My photos are being misused and such fraudulent ads are being circulated on Facebook. Despite complaints, @Meta has not taken action.”

According to the release, Palki Sharma does not provide any investment advice or stock market course through WhatsApp or any other social media platform. She is not associated with any group offering stock recommendations or financial advice, and people are urged to exercise caution and report any suspicious activities immediately.

To avoid falling victim to such fraud, it is recommended to ignore advice from unknown sources, verify information from official sources, and maintain secure practices for personal and financial transactions. It is important not to trust any information shared through unofficial channels and sources. In case of any suspicious activity, Firstpost advises people to report it to the appropriate authorities immediately.

For further information and to report fraudulent activities, please visit or contact the helpline number – 1930 or the cyber cell of the local police department.

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