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New JSW One Homes ad highlights regret of choosing alternatives in home building

Titled 'Unforgettable,' the brand film portrays a humorous comparison between its customers and those who don't opt for it.

JSW One Homes has unveiled a new brand film aimed at showcasing its prowess in home construction, emphasising its ability to streamline labour and building material management.

Titled Unforgettable, the brand film adopts a humorous approach to illustrate the remorse felt by an individual who opted against selecting JSW One Homes as their construction partner.

The narrative revolves around the challenges faced by this regretful individual during the home-building process, contrasting it with the hassle-free and well-managed experience enjoyed by those who chose JSW One Homes.

Through portraying the perspectives of both its consumers and those who struggle with the pitfalls of home-building, the brand aims to clearly outline its services for viewers.

Commenting on the new campaign, Gaurav Sachdeva, CEO of JSW One Platforms says, "At JSW One Homes, we leverage technology and work with our customers to make the experience of building their dream home easy & convenient. Our in-house project delivery team understands that for the customer, building their dream home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and thus guiding them correctly at every step of the process is of utmost significance. Our new campaign reiterates the hassle-free experience of building a home with JSW One Homes.”

According to Danesh Irani, Founding Partner of Irani Movietone, “In its unique way the film captures the tiresome process of building a dream home. JSW One Homes with its turnkey solution converts the entire journey of building a home into an unforgettable hassle-free experience.”

The film also encourages viewers to forget the past and enjoy the new year.

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