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Kerovit by Kajaria's new TVC says 'freedom' can help one attain success

Featuring actors Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma, the ad attempts to reach out to the youth.

Carrying forward the brand’s expression ‘Kerovit is Freedom’, the leading faucets and sanitaryware brand has launched a new television ad campaign featuring actors Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma. Titled ‘Freedom 3.0’, it emphasises that a person is most free to express their inner emotions in a bathroom. The TVC depicts aspiration, emotion, achievement, artistic expression and youth.

The ad shows two people (Singh and Sharma) using the bathroom to express and unwind. The two actors are eventually shown climbing the stairs of success. With the message ‘Freedom can take you places’, the ad conveys that the freedom they enjoyed has helped them eventually attain success. The company is attempting to reach out to India's youth, with whom the emotion of 'freedom' resonates the most.

The brand from the house of Kajaria, the leading tiling brand, roped in Singh as its brand ambassador in October 2021, with the aim of capturing the youth’s imagination.

Rishi Kajaria, MD at Kajaria Bathware and JMD of Kajaria Ceramics, said, "We believe that Ranveer Singh has always embodied the feeling of 'freedom', and the common thread of craziness, style and uniqueness. This makes us the perfect match. The brand personality of Kerovit is young, bold and lively. It is versatile and, in branding terms, has the 'Everyman' personality that makes it very relatable, friendly and approachable for consumers. The same goes for Ranveer Singh – he aptly personifies the brand."

Sharma has been a part of the ‘Kerovit is Freedom’ campaign since its inception in 2017. The brand took it further in its 2019 ad, dubbed ‘2.0’. This new campaign takes it a few notches higher by roping in Singh as well and terming it ‘3.0’. It’s an effort to revamp the brand's style quotient, while also hammering the brand expression of 'freedom'.

“As a prominent figure in the Indian film industry, Anushka Sharma has always been a fan favourite and has delivered nothing, but brilliance in her craft. We saw her as an inspiring icon and felt that she perfectly fits our brand's narrative of freedom,” added (Rishi) Kajaria.

“Both these superstars are inspiring, dazzling, stylish and certainly unique. They also exhibit incredible versatility. It just goes to show that they have the feeling of 'freedom' deeply rooted within. This coincides with our brand strategy and, hence, made our association like peas in a pod.”

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