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Nex launches its first digital campaign, showcasing its IoT and BLDC Ceiling Fans

The film is conceptualised by Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH).

Nex, the latest high-performance appliance brand launched by Bajaj Electricals, is poised to redefine the standards of home comfort with its line up of fans. In the context of an expected heat wave in the coming months, the brand unveiled its high-end models of ceiling fans – the Dryft and Glyde series – though a digital campaign and it will command attention.

After conducting extensive R&D over several months, Nex understood that consumers need a higher air thrust under the fan to reimagine Indian summers. To solve this need-gap, they built a technology platform called Aeirology that optimises the interaction between a fan's blade and motor components and this synergistic approach ensures an impactful Air Experience delivery with 20% higher air thrust compared to conventional fans. Their latest fans have been incorporated with this technology and it will surely enable consumers to elevate the summer experience. Bringing this entire new range product to life, the digital campaign went live across social media, digital media outlets and connected TV.

At its core, the film unveils Nex's insight: consumers demand more than mere functionality in their appliances; they want an elevated air experience. Nex's ceiling fans’ digital film transports viewers into a realm where every flick of the switch is experiential. Through subtle cues— like goosebumps on the protagonist's hand, tendrils of hair in graceful dance—the film paints a vivid picture of summer's embrace, made possible by Nex's innovation. And in a moment of silent acknowledgment, as the protagonist gazes up at the fan, satisfaction and realisation intertwine, promising an endless summer reimagined. This narrative captures Nex's commitment to offering not just a product, but a journey into a sensorial experience, resonating deeply with the audience's need for comfort and connection in their living spaces.

Ravindra Singh Negi, COO at Bajaj Electricals Ltd. commenting on the launch, "We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, the Nex range of high performance, smart ceiling fans. Through research, we have actioned what our consumers want, and have created a range that goes beyond expectations in style, function, and energy efficiency. A range that offers 20% higher air thrust, coupled with low noise operation, sleek designs, and customizable settings, it's perfect for any modern home. Join us in reimaging summer, join us to feel the future with Nex!"

The IoT model also boast avant-garde features like PeakTorq BLDC motor, Smart Connect- NexLife App, remote operation, easy connection with Google/Alexa, and more. The range of Nex fans are being launched through the brand’s first nationwide digital campaign aimed at showcasing its key brand proposition. The Dryft series starts at Rs 6,300/- while Glyde series retails at Rs 3,500/- and consumers can purchase it in retail outlets and online.

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