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Nilon’s highlights convenience factor of packaged Ginger-Garlic paste in new campaign

The processed foods brand is targeting convenience seeking young cooks who are scared of spending extra effort and time in the kitchen.

The latest campaign for Nilon's Ginger and Garlic Paste highlights the convenience of using the processed and packaged paste over peeling, cutting and chopping the spices in the kitchen.

The campaign includes three ads and what stands out that it doesn’t really communicate with the usual home-maker or mother of the household. Instead, the ads speak with the busy young individuals and couples who are scared of the idea of spending extra effort and time in the kitchen. The ads however feature the mother-in-law who is alsready aware of the product and passes it on to the next generation.

One of the films also touches the ‘immunity benefit’ part of the past.

In a media release, the Nilon’s team says that with most people spending time in the tedious task of cutting, chopping and peeling garlic and ginger, Nilon’s saw it as an opportunity to bring into the lives of the new-age consumer, G&G Paste.

Speaking about the campaign, Rajheev Agrawal, director and CEO, Nilon’s shares, “Nilon’s has always tried to reach the space in consumers’ kitchen not just physically but through stories and conversations as well. We aim to be friendlier and more approachable with this campaign and acquaint millennials with the benefits of having G&G Paste with it.”

The two month-long campaign includes scenarios like a marriage, a melodrama of a TV series, a love story, couple challenges and filmy dialogues. The campaign also includes witty conversations as comic strips between two characters Ginger and Garlic.

“Characters that have depth to them have always been loved by the audiences. With Nilon’s, our aim has been to seep into the hearts of our consumers with drama and give them relatable and fresh content that they can enjoy while applauding the benefits of our product. With the duo of strong ginger and healthy garlic making everyday kitchen life interesting, we have ensured that the adorable characters designed by Rajdeep, our Digital Art Lead, are remembered for a long time to come, along with the unique benefits of the G&G paste.”, adds Gopal S Krishnan, founder and MD, M&C Saatchi February.

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