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Niva Bupa unveils 'Start Young' campaign to promote early adoption of Health Insurance

The film talks about the benefits of its latest product, Aspire which addresses the unique needs of Young India.

Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company (formerly known as Max Bupa Health Insurance) has unveiled a campaign which is targeted at millennials to drive adoption of health insurance leveraging its new product offering Aspire- an insurance product curated for young India. 

Following the launch of the product, the company has released a digital film which urges consumers to Start Young and get rewarded for doing so. The film has been released on Niva Bupa’s social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, which narrates the sequence wherein two families meet for match-making discussions. 

As is usually the tradition, the families turn to the eldest in the family to make the final decision however the girl’s family insist that in their house a certain Anupama Ji takes all the major decisions since she is the smartest. Anupama Ji is none other than the younger sister of to-be bride who has earned the respect of everyone since she has taken an extremely wise decision of purchasing Niva Bupa’s Aspire plan from her first salary.  

The film then goes on to illustrate Aspire’s industry-first benefits. Upon knowing that the to-be groom also has the Aspire plan by Niva Bupa, Anupama Ji approves of the match saying that that future brother-in-law is already ‘future-ready’.

Talking about the film, Nimish Agrawal, executive vice-president and head of marketing, Niva Bupa, said, " Earning respect of your family is a powerful insight especially when that happens at an early age. With Aspire, Niva Bupa attempts to redefine the category codes and celebrate the decision that every youngster should make.”

“This film's innovative approach to a traditional scenario highlights how Aspire's industry-first benefits are reshaping the conversation. The product is a solution for the ever-evolving needs of Gen Z and millennials. It's not just about protection; it's a proactive, forward-thinking approach to health and well-being for the young population of our country", he added.

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