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Nivea India and Taapsee Pannu unite to raise awareness about summer skincare

The film emphasizes #SkincarePeNoBreak and highlights NIVEA Gel Body Lotion as the season’s perfect non-sticky solution.

NIVEA India is back with another take on their popular summer narrative - #SkinCarePeNoBreak. This has been brought alive in a very interesting slam poetry format, wherein as part of the new digital film, the brand’s ambassador - Taapsee Pannu is seen emphasizing on the importance of skincare during summer. While body lotions are essential during the winter months, many consumers tend to neglect their skincare routine during the summer season.  

Last year, the #SkincarePeNoBreak campaign was launched which featured Taapsee on a vacation but how she didn’t put a break on her skincare routine while away. The new brand video serves as a prelude to that moment, a fictional scenario featuring the consequences of what would happen if Taapsee did leave her skincare at home. The film opens with her presumably heading for a summer break, but someone is not quite happy with her. That someone is no other than her skin talking back with a disappointed expression, indicating she forgot to pack the solution to take care of her summer skin. As the video progresses, her skin clarifies what exactly it needs to get rid of the sticky feeling whilst still providing hydration. NIVEA Gel Body Lotion comes to the rescue here with its lightweight and non-sticky capabilities - a water-based, gel texture that’s fast-absorbing, just what your summer skin needs to stay refreshed and hydrated. The up-beat jingle narrates some genuine challenges women face in summers whilst also providing an all-day hydration solution that’s a simple solve to the problem. The film concludes with Taapsee embracing her now happy and healthy skin, reminding viewers to not take a break from skincare, even during summer. 

Neil George, Managing Director, NIVEA India, commented, “NIVEA has been at the forefront of consumer-centric product innovations for over a century, and we understand the crucial role that body lotions play in keeping the skin healthy-looking across all seasons. In summers, we observed that many users tend to take a break from their skincare routine predominantly due to the lack of awareness. Dehydration in summers is as bad as dryness in winters for the skin and thus, we launched our campaign #SkincarePeNoBreak to drive awareness and bring about a change with the NIVEA Gel Body Lotion range. With its unique fusion of fast absorbing capabilities of a gel and moisturization properties of a lotion - we’ve developed an innovative product that gives you long lasting hydrated non sticky skin - fulfilling key summer need states of consumers. As category frontrunners, we believe it’s important for us to establish the importance of summer skin care for all and this time around we have brought this message to fore in a unique slam poetry format - which we believe will add on to the relatability aspect.”  

Taapsee Pannu, brand ambassador, NIVEA India added, "As an actor always on the go, I understand the importance of taking care of my skin, not just my face but also my body. Shooting for the slam-poetry style video was a relatable experience for me, as I have heard similar complaints from women around me. During summers, I prefer a lighter, gel-based formulation, and the NIVEA Gel Body Lotion has been a game-changer for me. It provides fast absorption and long-lasting hydration - giving me the best of both worlds. I am thrilled to be associated with a brand that genuinely cares about addressing the skincare problems faced by women."

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