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Noise collaborates with Idris Ahmed to bring vibrant Holi watch faces to its smartwatches

The collaboration celebrates the essence of the festival and the cultural vibrancy of India.

Noise, a connected lifestyle brand, is set to add rhythm to the Holi groove this year in its latest Noise of India campaign. The brand has collaborated with artist Idris Ahmed to make the essence of the festival come alive by bringing vibrant artwork to its smartwatches through exclusive, downloadable watch faces.

Under the banner of 'Noise of India', the brand celebrates every heartbeat that echoes the pulse of the nation. It's not just about marking occasions; it's about honouring the moments that unite India as a tapestry of cultures, traditions, and emotions. From the burst of colours during Holi to the beats of dhol resonating through the streets, every celebration becomes a symphony of joyous Noise that reverberates across the land.

Idris Ahmed's style and credibility as a photographer made him the natural choice for Noise to partner for the campaign, where his ability to capture the essence of cultural vibrancy and rhythmic energy aligns with the brand's synergy.

On the heels of one of India’s most joyous festivals, Noise is encouraging users to immerse themselves in the spirit of the festival through the lens of Idris, capturing the essence of Holi's vibrancy and joy in stunning watch faces.

Users can download the exclusive Idris-designed Holi watch faces for Noise Smartwatches via the NoiseFit app and complete the Holi look. These vibrant and festive watch faces not only add a touch of flair to one's wrist but also serve as a complement to their Holi attire, completing the look with a burst of colour and style.

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