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Noise releases a digital film to introduce its first smart ring

The film highlights Luna Ring's transformative abilities, portraying it as a supportive force for daily productivity.

Noise has released a new digital film showcasing the capabilities of its first smart ring, Luna Ring. The new film showcases Luna Ring’s transformative power as an ally that pushes the audience to augment their daily productivity and cognitive functioning.

As part of an ongoing commitment to advancing human potential through consumer-centric innovation, this film celebrates the boundless capabilities of individuals as Luna Ring unlocks personalised insights.

The latest film showcases the lives of everyday heroes– an athlete pushing limits in the gym, an entrepreneur navigating success, and a young woman mastering the daily grind. United by their relentless pursuit of well-being and performance, the film showcases how these individuals are guided by the smart ring's innovation and actionable insights that facilitate a transformative user health span. 

The campaign is released across Noise's digital channels, resonating with audiences looking forward to unlocking their full potential, one insightful step at a time.

It celebrates small triumphs, the impact of a healthy lifestyle, and a persistent commitment to self-improvement. It serves as a visual representation for a generation aspiring to enhance their lifestyle through empowered choices, guided by self-awareness and technology. 

Luna Ring tracks over 70 body metrics, guiding the users towards their full potential with meaningful insights into their activity, readiness, and sleep. The new form factor embodies a philosophy of self-discovery, sparking a transformative shift in lifestyle. It encourages users to understand their bodies, recognise their limits, and rise to overcome challenges. 

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