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Nua's latest ads take a dig at menstrual advertising

The ads feature brand ambassador Deepika Padukone and take a realistic approach to how women feel about ads.

For most women, monthly menstrual cycles tend to be a pain in the backside, quite literally. But the story that advertising portrays, is completely different. The reality is that women don't always feel well enough to play sports, attend concerts, or travel during their period.

Nua's ads with actress and brand ambassador Deepika Padukone are among the first in the industry to portray this reality. The company has released three ads that cover three topics. The first ad makes a commentary about period ads themselves.

The ad emphasises on Nua’s product, ‘Customisable Sanitary Pads - Heavy, Medium, Light’. It shows Padukone talking about how, with Nua sanitary pads, women in India now have the option to customise their pack of pads as per their menstrual flow, since not every period flow is the same.

The brand has also created a subscription model for menstrual products to deliver a personalised buying experience - one where a woman doesn't need to repeatedly stock up on the product every month.

The second ad features Padukone looking into the mirror and practicing a series of fake laughs. This ad makes a statement about how women are portrayed as unnaturally happy during their period.

The third ad is for a problem that a majority of women face during their period - menstrual cramps. The ad has Padukone dancing with energy - as if to prove that a woman can be energetic during that time of the month, irrespective of cramps. The ad is for Nua's Cramp Comfort Heat Patch, which aims to provide on the go relief from cramps.

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