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Nutrela urges people to reconnect with loved ones in a new ad campaign

It also celebrates people who're WFM and giving their best to the house chores and helping in the kitchen to lower the burden of their family members.

Nobody likes closed spaces. It's stifling and after a while, your body just does not respond well to the confinement. No wonder, mental health experts are worried about the effects of the lockdown.

But, the human spirit doesn't bow so easily. Despite the lockdown, people are finding new and creative ways to spend time inside their homes. Be it entering the kitchen and cooking up new dishes or having family game nights every alternate day and even video phone calls with the entire family, creativity is at its best right now.

Being stuck inside due to the lockdown also became the reason many of us experienced a lot of firsts at home. Whether it...

Posted by Nutrela on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

And that is what Nutrela Health intends to celebrate in its new campaign called #DilKiBaat. The film has been written, produced, directed and narrated by Rohit Kumar Kanojia of BC Web Wise, the agency behind this campaign. Filled with narratives like, "Maa ke kaam main haath bataana" or "Kitchen ke pachason chakkar, fridge ko sau sau baar khol ke kuch khaana", relatability is big in this film.

Nutrela urges people to reconnect with loved ones in a new ad campaign

Darshan Panchal, General Manager, Nutrela says, “The purpose of ‘DilKiBaat’ is to make people emotionally stable and realize the value of connection with family members while staying at home. The current situation is an appropriate time to discuss things and talk to family while balancing both work and life. It is a human truth.”

Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder and MD, BC Web Wise added, “Nobody knows what our future holds, so we should use this time at its best. The lockdown has definitely not been easy to cope with. This film is designed to enable people to look at that brighter side, cherish those special moments even as they cope with the new normal.”

Rohit Kanojia, Film's Head, BC Web Wise believes that his personal experiences and observations of lockdown fueled the thought for #DilKiBaat. I had never seen my family members work in as close a tandem as they had been doing during this lockdown. But I also noticed that while they worked and helped each other out there were only general conversations happening. They have so much to talk about - but those real, honest conversations were missing. Personally, I think this is the time we have to say whatever we want to and just be honest to our loved ones. So, that inspired karo #DilKiBaat. And because I wrote the script, I knew I would be able to bring the emotions out in my narration - hence the decision for the voiceover.”

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