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Nykd by Nykaa announces Bhumi Pednekar as Brand Ambassador

Bringing lingerie conversations out of the closet, the new campaign ‘As Good as Nykd’ ft. Bhumi presents a refreshing view on women’s intimate wear.

Neither sufficiently addressed nor boldly discussed, conversations on lingerie have for long been restricted to private settings. Surfacing briefly when you want to narrate an uncomfortable encounter with a store assistant or on the rare occasions you find something so comfortable you absolutely must share with your besties! But such is the conundrum of this category, that there just isn’t enough discussion about it despite being an everyday basic! Nykd by Nykaa hopes to end this very streak and get everyone talking about the humble bra, which should unequivocally be the most comfortable piece of clothing for women. The brand has partnered with a popular voice of reason, the uninhibited Bhumi Pednekar to launch its new campaign.

Bhumi, well known for exercising her voice and influence in relevant conversations, now extends her commitment to another matter close to her heart- the everyday comfort of women! Through this campaign, she hopes to strip away the discomfort and awkwardness associated with discussing basic, real issues women put up with every day, especially when it comes to wardrobe essentials such as bras.

Since its inception, Nykd by Nykaa has made it its mission to support the highs and lows of a woman’s journey by helping her navigate at least one area of her life with comfort and convenience, her intimate wear. With a strong purpose to weave in comfort in day-to-day life, Nykd aims to enable women in this journey and provide solutions to issues they face during bra purchases ranging from wrong size, wrong style, bra hickies, and bulky bras that are visible under t-shirts.

Through a 360-degree campaign that includes two films as part of the ‘As Good As Nykd’ series, Bhumi will squash common misconceptions and openly address some of the most relatable bra issues faced by consumers. From seamless bras that elevate your outfit to the ones that let you sleep comfortably.

“For a wardrobe essential as basic as a bra, it is surprising how ill-equipped and uninformed we often find ourselves. I myself went through a journey of self-discovery, with years of wrong choices, ill-fitting bras, and discomfort for days until I stumbled upon the right bra. In hindsight, all of this could have been so much smoother if only I was better informed and aware of this category and refused to compromise on my comfort. Together with Nykd by Nykaa, I hope to be able to simplify this conversation and help consumers choose the right bra for their unique requirements. Nykd’s ability to create superior quality lingerie that translates into a second-skin feeling will be a game-changer and I can’t wait for women to try it, said Bhumi Pednekar, brand ambassador, Nykd by Nykaa.

“Bhumi’s unique trait towards addressing topics that are considered awkward and uncomfortable is what makes her the perfect fit for our efforts to normalize lingerie conversations. Traditionally, women have never spoken about their bras as under-developed retail, complicated categories, and taboo topics make conversations extremely difficult. Choosing a bra that is right should not be such an intimidating or confusing journey. We are certain that with Bhumi leading the campaign, we will be able to encourage discussions on bra needs, gaps, experiences, and support women in finding the perfect bra for their everyday needs and offer comfort with our thoughtfully curated range to our consumers,” said Preeti Gupta, business head, Nykd by Nykaa.

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