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OkCupid India plays its version of 'Never Have I Ever' in new ad

The dating app had nine strangers play the game to check their views on love and relationships.

From grabbing eyeballs on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' in the US, to its own Netflix TV show, the game 'Never Have I Ever' is everywhere, as are its various versions spread across the world.

OkCupid India, a dating app, too, decided to play a version of the game online with nine strangers, but with a difference. Instead of holding cards that say 'I have', or 'I have not', the participants had to switch on their webcams to show their face if they've been there, or done that. The aim: To find out if all Indians consider love as equal.

The questions ranged from 'Has asking someone out made you nervous', to 'Have you ever fought for love', to 'Do you believe love is equal', to 'Is true love meant for everyone'. And we did get to see the faces of all the participants more than once.

Dentsu Webchuntey conceptualised the ad for OkCupid India, which said, "We all feel love the same way. Love doesn’t discriminate, and neither should we."

The dating app's last campaign was in March, when it released several videos dealing with the 'mismatchmakers' who surround us.

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