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ONDC's first brand film pays tribute to the dreams and aspirations of Indian entrepreneurs

It aims to expand sellers' reach across Digital India, connecting buyers with products and services.

ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) presents its debut brand film,"ONDC Network par ab har business ke liye Bharat khulega". It is a celebration of the boundless dreams and aspirations of Indians in the era of digital commerce.

The film, released ahead of Republic Day, seeks to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and foster the growth of existing businesses without constraints.

It showcases a world where anyone with a dream can thrive, breaking free from traditional limitations and embracing opportunities provided by the open network. The film enhances the commitment towards #VocalforLocal, especially supporting women entrepreneurs.

The film tells stories of sellers from various backgrounds, including street diya sellers, artisan craftsmen, kirana shop owners, pickle creators, bridal boutique proprietors, and independent cab drivers, showcasing their journeys and experiences – it encapsulates the spirit of a thriving India fueled by the Open Network.

"ONDC is the foundation of a thriving ecosystem where both established and emerging businesses can aspire for sky-high goals and realise their entrepreneurial dreams, bound only by the limits of their imagination. By tapping into the Open Network, businesses and entrepreneurs can expand without boundaries and maximize their value creation. Our first brand film celebrates this spirit of boundless aspirations and inclusive growth,” said Shireesh Joshi, CBO, ONDC. 

The film, utilising ONDC as a catalyst, aims to break barriers, foster connections, and create opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs to transcend local boundaries and reach a nationwide and global audience, aiming to become a rallying cry for ONDC network members.

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