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OnePlus gears up for launch of latest phone with new ads

The ads for the newly launched OnePlus 10T, have been uploaded to the brand's YouTube channel.

OnePlus has just launched its latest smartphone variant - the OnePlus 10T 5G. The latest series of ads capture different aspects of the phone - its build quality, fast charging, 5G connectivity and so on. The ads highlight #ProudtobeOP - which presumably emphasises on the community that OnePlus is trying to build with its users.

One ad features a prank - which also highlights the connectivity between devices in the OnePlus ecosystem. A pair of siblings are watching a movie on a OnePlus TV and one of the girls uses her OnePlus watch to change the visuals on the screen and give her sister a jump scare.

Another ad in the #ProudtobeOP lineup is one-and-a-half minutes long. It features the early adopters of OnePlus in India. The first OnePlus phone was launched in India in 2014, in a partnership with Amazon India. The company brought back these users to talk about what features of the phone they liked, what caught their eye and how, in a way, they helped build the OnePlus phones by providing feedback.

Apart from the #ProudtobeOP ads, OnePlus has also been advertising on social media, encouraging users to 'Share their #ProudtobeOP moments'. These ads feature the lesser-known aspects of the phone, such as its gaming and Zen mode (which allows users to take a break from their phones).

One of the ads, interestingly, asks a user to get her 'me time' with OnePlus' noise cancelling true wireless earphones. The earphones had been launched a couple of months ago, but are being advertised now.

There are also stylised, high speed ads tagged with 'Evolve Beyond Speed' - that focus on the phone's features.

You can watch the full stream of the launch event below.

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