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OnePlus releases 'Shot On' spoken word poem with Kalki Koechlin, for 8T

The poem has been shot entirely on the new OnePlus 8T to showcase the smartphone's camera capabilities.

OnePlus officially released a new film titled ‘Stop at Nothing’, a spoken word poem starring actress Kalki Koechlin. The video, published on the Blush YouTube channel, highlights the need to use the technology around you productively, and stresses on the importance of taking the time to disconnect.

The video has been produced by Lightstream, the branded content studio owned by Rainshine Entertainment. It has been shot entirely on the OnePlus 8T 5G to showcase the phone's video camera capabilities and versatility of the flagship model, two weeks after its official unveil.

The poem has been written by Koechlin herself. ‘Stop at Nothing’ underlines the downsides of being hyper-connected and highlights the need to disconnect, while reiterating the use of technology and digital platforms for what they were originally intended - platforms to create, connect and collaborate.

OnePlus, as a brand, has recognised the need for digital consciousness, and believes in creating products and features while remaining cognizant of how users will interact with these features.

A press note mentions that making the technology ‘burdenless’ is a key tenet of product design at OnePlus, and is aimed at creating tech that serves as a tool to help one perform tasks, rather than something one becomes dependent on.

OnePlus has also created software innovations to promote digital consciousness, such as Zen Mode that focuses on taking a quick break from your smartphone every day. Then there is Work-Life Balance that allows you to toggle between Work Mode and Life Mode to control the notifications you see on your device, helping separate the activities on your device to avoid distractions.

Commenting on the campaign film, Siddhant Narayan, head of marketing - India, OnePlus, said, “We live in a time where our smartphones have become our one-stop destination for everything, from work and news updates to entertainment and connecting with loved ones. As a technology brand, we understand how important it is to perceive our devices as an extension of the self, for helping us boost creativity and productivity and not something that we become dependent on."

Siddhant Narayan
Siddhant Narayan

He adds that with this film, the company hopes to make people cognizant of using technology for their own betterment, emphasising the importance of disconnecting from time to time.

Sharing her experience, Koechlin says, "As we all continued to stay indoors since March, it has completely changed the way we consume content. Personally, I was using various online platforms for a range of activities, including cooking, exercising, reading and discovering new interests. Additionally, being a new mother, it was also important for me to strike a balance between work and keeping myself entertained, which led to a significant increase in my daily screen time."

She adds that while she was constantly switching between apps and spending a lot of time across social channels, she realised the importance of staying away from the noise and negativity on the Internet, and using the digital space to enhance creativity and productivity.

Koechlin says that the OnePlus ‘Stop at Nothing’ campaign gave her the perfect opportunity to champion this thought and talk about digital well-being and the importance of using technology in a healthy manner.

"Shot entirely on the OnePlus device, the campaign filming felt very authentic and simple to me. For someone who has always shot with heavy equipment and big cameras, I truly enjoyed every step of this fun journey, exploring the versatility the OnePlus camera had to offer,” she added.

Speaking about the initiative, Anuraag Srivastava, COO, Rainshine Entertainment, and CEO, Lightstream, says, "The current times have highlighted the importance of smartphones in making our lives effective and efficient. That said, there is a need to drive awareness about the downsides of being hyper-connected. The OnePlus 'Stop at Nothing' film does a superlative job of delivering this message through the power of Kalki Koechlin’s spoken-word narrative."

Anuraag Srivastava
Anuraag Srivastava

He admits that this film was a special one because a smartphone shoot is never easy, especially when one wants to push the visual envelope in a limited execution duration.

"The OnePlus 8T 5G surpassed all expectations with its superb 4K sensor, terrific response time and variable features, like multiple lensing, fantastic slow motion and definitive image vibrance. This initiative also connects deeply with Lightstream's mission of delivering high impact, purpose-driven brand stories for our clients," Srivastava concludes.

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