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O, is that Ogilvy's new email signature?

It's a nod to the new working style and also a reminder that the agency is still doing what it does best regardless of where it is.

Impressions matter, a lot. And during this time of the pandemic and the frustrations arising from the lockdown, a small mindful move can move perceptions in your favour.

The pandemic, the lockdown, and the anxieties around the two have affected everyone and everything including our emails; our way of writing them has changed.

Today our email greetings and salutations have changed to reflect the present circumstances. People don't write 'Hi, how are you doing?' but choose to write 'Hi, hope you're doing well' and they end emails saying, 'Please stay safe' or 'Take care of yourself' than just an unemotional 'Best regards'. It's the little things which matter here.

O, is that Ogilvy's new email signature?

Ogilvy's new email signature reflects this change and represents the out of office working style that's become the norm everywhere after the lockdown was initiated. It says 'OOOgilvy' and the message below it reads, 'We may be out Out of Office, but we are still thinking, creating and making our own little brand of magic every day.'

Ogilvy India told us, "OOO is the short form for Out Of Office and is typically used in automatic responses when a person is on leave.

Since everyone is working from home, we are all now Out Of Office (OOO).

Someone at Ogilvy Australia had this idea and changed their email signature to OOOgilvy with a sweet little descriptor to say that while we are Out Of Office, we are all still working.

We loved the idea and adapted it for all our email signatures in India."