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Orientbell Tiles challenges the norm with 100% Tiles and 0% Celebs campaign

The campaign explores the enduring question of whether it is more beneficial to prioritise fame or quality.

Orientbell is breaking away from the popular trend of using famous celebrities to promote their products and is starting a unique project with their latest campaign. The aim of this campaign is to investigate the long-standing question of whether it is better to prioritise fame or quality.

In an age where brands often ride the celeb wave, Orientbell Tiles is flipping the script. The campaign, aptly named 100% Tiles and 0% Celebs, is not just about tiles; it's a reflection on the very essence of authenticity in advertising. It takes a stand, challenging the norm that equates star power with product worth.

“We are today making a bold statement: no celeb endorsements, no shallow, marketing gimmicks. Orientbell Tiles will stand proudly on its own merit. And make Shopping for Floor & Wall Tiles easier. This campaign is not just about our brand; it's about the broader conversation – the choice between superficial glam and authentic substance," shared Alok Agarwal, chief marketing officer at Orientbell Tiles.

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