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Orry & Chef Ranveer Brar launch Philips Airfryer Signature Series

The duo engages in a fun banter to introduce Philips user-friendly airfryer- if Orry can do it, anyone can!

Philips announces the launch of its limited-edition Signature Series Airfryer equipped with Smart Sensing Technology in India. To add to the excitement, Philips has collaborated with pop culture icon Orry to join in a cooking session with culinary expert Chef Ranveer Brar. And the best part is, the all-new Philips Airfryer will do the cooking, and Orry gets to go home with the credits.

In its new campaign, Orry, the internet sensation, will be attempting to cook with the Philips Signature Series Airfryer under the expert guidance of celebrity chef Ranveer Brar. This playful approach highlights the airfryer's user-friendliness – if Orry can do it, anyone can! Chef Ranveer Brar showcases the appliance’s versatility and ability to transform anyone into a capable home cook.

Commenting on the new campaign, Pooja Baid, chief marketing officer, Versuni India Home Solutions (formerly known as Philips Domestic Appliances), said, “The Philips Signature Series Airfryer is our top-of-the-line Airfryer, boasting an impressive tech stack that includes Smart Sensing Technology, Rapid Air Technology, and Fat Removal Technology. With its captivating design and the endorsement of Chef Ranveer Brar, it's like having a personal chef right in your own kitchen. Teaming up with Orry and Chef Ranveer Brar for this launch was a bold decision, one that has proven to be nothing short of brilliant. As leaders in the category, this campaign marks our commitment to furthering the Airfryer revolution in the country”.

The campaign started with teasers and comments on Instagram by Orry and Chef Ranveer Brar, piquing the audience's curiosity and building anticipation. The campaign culminates in a video featuring the duo engaging in a fun banter while emphasising how the Philips Signature Series Airfryer simplifies the cooking process. With automatic adjustments for time and temperature, this airfryer ensures delicious results every time, whether you're a seasoned chef or a kitchen newbie.

The campaign video is LIVE on Philips Home Living India Instagram handle, Orry’s Instagram handle and Chef Ranveer Brar’s Instagram handle.

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