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Otrivin’s new nasal wash that washes out germs

Otrivin Breathe Clean addresses the need of nasal hygiene in the wake of rising air pollution and concerns around respiratory pollutants in the air.

GSK Consumer Healthcare has rolled out a digital and television commercial for its newly launched product, Otrivin Breathe Clean. Otrivin has made a foray into the Daily Saline Wash segment. The film reiterates that while it is a norm to wash hands regularly, it is also important to keep your nose clean through daily nasal washing which helps was out pollutants and germs

The digital campaign will also be aired on Television in select Geographies.

A saline wash with the moisturizing benefit of natural glycerin, the product comes with strong safety cues and is recommended for daily usage. Saline nasal washing as a practice has been backed by experts globally and has been used for its benefits in resolution of respiratory disorders.

Otrivin Breathe clean product is positioned towards a strong consumer need of people wanting to take care of their nasal hygiene in the wake of rising air pollution and concerns around respiratory pollutants in the air with existing allergies. It comes with a strong science backed claim of washing out pollutants and germs from the nose.

Today, rising air impurity levels have increased people’s exposure to allergens and pollutants and are causing severe and acute respiratory disorders, chronic bronchitis etc. Otrivin Breathe Clean comes as the much-needed solution as its daily usage washes out the allergens, pollutants and debris that are trapped in the nasal passage, helping in removal of allergy symptoms and thus maintaining nasal hygiene in general.

The product comes in in a contemporary aerosol spray format, providing a great usage experience. Its natural ingredient credential allows for usage for all ages above 2 years. The launch strengthens GSK’s respiratory health portfolio in India making it one of the formidable players in the non-prescription space. Otrivin Breathe Clean is available in a 100 ml pack priced at INR 335 across leading e-commerce and chemist stores pan-India.