Aishwarya Ramesh

Oyo's new multi-language ads don't feature couples at all...

The brand has released 6 ads in different Indian languages to show the different contexts that people use Oyo in.

Whether you're stuck in the middle of nowhere, need a room for an extended stay, Oyo has you covered. This is the theme of their new ad campaign. What's interesting is that while many companies release the same ad in multiple languages, Oyo has used a different language for every one of the ads.

The first ad is in Hindi, showing a situation between two young men as they struggle to find recognition as actors (presumably in Mumbai.) The ad shows a conversation between the two of them where they are talking about how they will look back fondly on these days as a 'struggler'.

The second ad is meant to be a humourous take on the generational gap between a Father. andhis son. The father hands over the keys of the oyo room to his son and he leaves. Shortly after, we see the son plugging in an electric guitar and playing as loudly as he can, while the father enjoys classical music at home. This ad is in Tamil.

The third ad features a disgruntled wife who wants to take a break from her husband. The ad portrays her unpacking her suitcase while angrily venting to her mother about how her husband had been behaving. This ad plays out in Punjabi.

The next ad features a conversation between two friends who are stuck in the rain on a road trip. They converse in Malayalam as they attempt to save their items from water damage. This ad highlights that Oyo rooms are available even in remote corners of the country.

Another ad in Gujrati highlights how spacious rooms are as three brothers embark on a road trip.

The last ad features an aged Bengali couple who have had to make special arrangements in their rooms to make their stay more comfortable. Oyo's ad attempts to convey that irrespective of the demands/requirements, they'll be able to meet it.