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Palmolive's new campaign encourages consumers to slow down and appreciate the feeling in their lives

Palmolive showcases its Aroma range: Absolute Relax, Morning Boost, Forever Happy, Sweet Delight, and Alluring Love.

Palmolive, the personal care brand from Colgate-Palmolive India, announces the launch of its first-ever mega campaign featuring its body wash range! In this campaign, Palmolive showcases its hero Aroma range comprising 5 variants, including the 3 newly launched variants, each crafted with unique fragrances —Absolute Relax, Morning Boost, Forever Happy, Sweet Delight, Alluring Love. Infused with extracts of rich, natural ingredients, Palmolive body washes are crafted to transform your daily showers into an aromatic, sensorial experience.

Palmolive defines an elevated category code with this campaign, using the contrast of the chaos of urban life intersecting with dreamy shower moments. Amidst the rushedness of city living, the protagonist finds a moment to slow down with the aromas of Palmolive body wash. Through the sensory journey of her shower experience, the brand encourages everyone to elevate their mornings with Palmolive.

"Palmolive is a strategic & integral part of Colgate-Palmolive. We are the pioneers of the body wash category in India, and it is important for us to reinforce in the consumer’s mind Palmolive’s natural, aromatic bathing experience. To do this, we felt there is a need to address the reality of our consumer’s life. Our target audience is always on-the-go, always rushed, always ON. Her busy daily routine offers her no moment to pause —however, indulging in the simple pleasure of a sensorial Palmolive shower can be just that! Through this campaign, we encourage our consumer to take a moment to slow down and savour the feeling, every day.” says Swati Rao Jeyakumar, director - Oral Beauty & Personal Care Marketing at Colgate-Palmolive. She adds, “Our body washes are curated with rich aromas that truly deliver superior and sensorial shower moments. We aim to position Palmolive as a premium, natural brand that offers an elevated bathing experience."

Juneston Mathana, executive creative director at WPP@CP, commented, “If the brand has taken a stance to move beyond only functional benefits and redefine the category, then it’s only natural for the communication to do the same. The idea of a floating bathtub gently drifting above the hustle and bustle of the city didn’t just sound refreshing, but also exciting. It’s an image that will forever be inviting, like the magic carpet ride. And bringing this beautiful vision to life was the masterful Sachin Kotre and his team from Lensflare Films.”

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