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Pampers gets dads to coach new dad Virat Kohli in a hilarious ad…

… Conceptualised by Leo Burnett, it’s quite the moment marketing move.

That Virat Kohli is the cricketer everyone looks up to when the going gets tough for the Indian team, is no surprise. He has chased down mammoth scores, dominated the world’s best bowlers, taken spectacular catches, and has turned the fortunes of a match single-handedly.

But this time around, he’s up against the biggest challenge of his life – fatherhood. He and his wife, Bollywood star Anushka Sharma, welcomed a girl into their lives on January 11 (Monday).

And Pampers, a leading baby and toddler products brand from Procter & Gamble (P&G), knows what Kohli needs to win this mammoth challenge.

In a minute-long ad conceptualised by Leo Burnett, we see several dads take on the mantle of coaching Kohli. From how to hold a baby to lulling the baby to sleep to changing diapers, because “every dad needs a little help in the beginning.”

The ad’s YouTube description read, “Dear Virat, you’ve been there for the country so many times and it's time we’re there for you. We at Pampers believe that #ItTakes2 to raise a baby and here’s some fun advice from dads across the country. Because every dad needs a little help in the beginning - even the greatest of the greats.”

Pampers gets dads to coach new dad Virat Kohli in a hilarious ad…

What was also hilarious was the number of hashtags Pampers had inserted on YouTube for its ad.

Several brands jumped on the moment marketing bandwagon for “Virushka’s” baby through social media. To see Pampers release a proper ad was surprisingly enjoyable. It’s also a sign of the next set of brands the new parents may end up endorsing.