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Panasonic launches #WelcomeToAdulthood campaign

The campaign guides youngsters to make a conscious choice on appliances.

India has the largest youth population in the world; with an average age of 29 years. And with changing times and trends, these young consumers are guided by sustainability and values. According to the ninth edition of the EY Future Consumer Index for India, 70% of consumers give more attention to the environmental and social impact of their purchase in the long-term, and this is seen more among the millennial and GenX group. In an endeavour to enable young consumers make informed decisions while buying home appliances, Panasonic Life Solutions India - a leading diversified technology company has launched a digital PR campaign - #WelcomeToAdulthood in partnership with the storytelling platform – The Scribbled Stories.

Commenting on the campaign, Pooja Garg Khan, head, corporate communications, Panasonic Life Solution India, said, “Adulthood is a time when youngsters are experiencing a shift in their lifestyle and have a plethora of choices to make in life – from moving out of home, first job, building new relationships, setting up an apartment, etc. And through this campaign, we want to support the young consumers in this transition to adulthood by helping them make sustainable purchases through our buying guides. These #WelcometoAdulthood buying guides, will allow consumers to educate themselves and make smart well-informed decisions to buy home appliances and contribute to helping them live their best.”

#WelcomeToAdulthood targets young adults, mostly first-time buyers, who are entering their adulthood phase and are looking to invest in smart, affordable, and sustainable home appliances. The PR campaign is running on all social platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, in collaboration with one of India’s largest storytelling digital platform - The Scribbled Stories. The campaign content captures fun, relatable moments that one experiences when entering the adulthood phase of life and how the right appliances can help make that journey a little easier and a little more comfortable and memorable. Be it setting up a new house and buying new appliances for it, or baking a cake at midnight in your microwave or having to do your own laundry, the campaign emphasises on how appliances are a key part of different phases of our life and hence it is important to make a choice that is durable and sustainable. The campaign directs consumers to buying guides that will help them understand the know-how of various aspects to look for before making a purchase decision.

As a brand, driving sustainable development is a key pillar of our business and we are committed towards developing eco-friendly technologies and products that contribute towards societal, environmental and economic sustainability.

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