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Panasonic Life Solutions India launches festive campaign to illuminate homes with 'Right Light'

The film highlights Panasonic's vast variety of lighting products, helping consumers add to the holiday magic.

Panasonic Life Solutions India, a major manufacturer of electrical construction materials (ECM) in the country, has launched a new festive campaign called "Adorn your life with Right Light." The campaign aims to highlight the significance of lighting in Indian households during festive seasons and subtly showcase Panasonic's wide range of lighting products.

The campaign emphasises how the right kind of lighting can transform ordinary settings into festive and magical environments. The slogan of the campaign, ‘Kyunki Tyoharon Me Lights Sirf Jalni Nahin, Jagmagani Chahiye,’ conveys the message that in festivals, it's not just about lights burning but about creating a bright and festive atmosphere.

Sunil Narula, senior vice president of Sales & Marketing at Panasonic Life Solutions India, mentioned that India is a country of festivals and lights, making this a significant time for Panasonic as a lighting brand. Lighting plays a crucial role, especially during the festive season, and Panasonic aims to make consumers aware of their lighting offerings.

Raja Mukherjee, head of the business group and senior vice president of the lighting business at Panasonic Life Solutions India, highlighted the importance of lighting in Indian festivals, as it enhances the ambiance of homes, temples, roads, malls, and more. Panasonic's lighting products are energy-efficient and provide various color temperature options, contributing to the festive atmosphere.

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