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Parachute Advansed unveils a new campaign ‘En Mudi En Adaiyalam’ to celebrate Tamil women

As a part of this campaign, stunning murals have been painted across the state at various iconic locations.

Parachute Advansed, the premium hair-nourishment brand by Marico has launched a unique campaign titled “‘En Mudi En Adaiyalam’ (My Hair, My Identity)” celebrating the women of Tamil Nadu. Through this campaign, Parachute Advansed, which has always stood for nurturance and authenticity, emphasises the importance of hair and the role it plays in defining the quintessential Tamilian woman’s identity. It urges the women of one of India’s most culturally rich states to express their authentic and modern yet rooted selves through their hair. Taking this integrated campaign a step further, Parachute Advansed has also unveiled murals across key locations in Tamil Nadu that depict hair and its role in one’s identity.

For generations, hair has been the first mode of self-expression — from the styles of the roaring 20s to the more modern colours of today. It has always been the first mode that symbolises a woman’s mood and her sense of self through the various stages of her life. Women today choose to represent their modernity and relationship with their traditions through the way they wear their hair. It is a unique reflection of today’s Tamilian woman -- one who is profoundly modern and independent but still attuned to her ancestry and culture. Recognising this in the women of Tamil Nadu, Parachute Advansed has extended its pivotal ‘En Mudidhaan Naan’ campaign in the state and has created this impactful campaign to celebrate this relationship.

Conceptualised by Team WPP, the film opens with an image of a young woman, who is sitting while her grandmother massages her hair while also running her own cafe. The film shows how modern Tamilian women express their authentic selves through their hair across various walks of life— whether they are singers, artists, architects, dancers, teachers, or athletes. It illustrates how today’s woman, who is so modern and independent but also entrenched in her Tamilian roots, sees this relationship as a strength, not a contradiction. It goes on to show how their hair, for them, is “not just my hair; it’s me in all my forms”.

The TVC and film have been launched across platforms along with thumb-stoppers, cohort wise digital ad targeting and in-store advertisements, creating a 360-degree approach for the campaign. To complement this, as well as showcase the free spirit of Tamil women, Parachute Advansed has also unveiled massive murals across iconic locations in Chennai and Madurai. The brand will also launch an all-new avatar of the Parachute Advansed Gold pack featuring a Kolam design exclusively for the state, in honour of the campaign and the women they are celebrating.

Speaking about the campaign, Koshy George, CMO, Marico Limited, said, “Parachute Advansed, over the years, has played the pivotal role of a partner in every woman’s journey of self-expression. The brand is trusted by millions of women across India for the nourishment, authenticity and support it provides. They continue to be their most genuine selves as they navigate the modern era while still in touch with their roots— starting with their hair. Therefore, with this campaign and the murals across Tamil Nadu, we aim to celebrate all Tamilian women and their hair by creating impactful and relatable visuals that deeply resonate with them”.

Rohit Devgun – ECD, Team WPP says “While they have evolved with the times, women of Tamil Nadu take pride in staying fiercely rooted in their traditions. An intricate balance best reflected in their beautiful hair. Our new, integrated campaign was centred at highlighting this deep emotional connect through relatable hair stories of these strong, hardworking, understated, beautiful women. Celebrating the amalgamation of both traditional and modern cultural milieu in their life through their hair. The localised, on-ground, wall murals beautifully extended the same story”

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