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Parle-G launches three ad films under its new campaign

The three-film campaign is created by Thought Blurb Communications.

The new Parle-G campaign is to enhance the already strong equity of the brand. In these films, a child’s active mind sees a loved one’s disappointment, takes note of it, thinks on his/her feet and devises a solution that brings a smile to their face. 

The three-film campaign created by Thought Blurb Communications tells simple stories that show the protagonist's child as empathetic, clever and decisive. All the qualities that come together to create the Parle-G ‘Genius’. Without an overly assertive tagline to force the messaging, the advertising merely states, ‘Genius wohi, jo auron ke khushi mein paye apni khushi’.

As formats go, the films are of TV commercial length, while the one-minute social media version deepens the sense of awareness on the part of the protagonist in relationship to the loved one. The contrast between the feelings of the two characters is heightened and makes the payoff so much more memorable.

Mayank Shah, senior category head, Parle Products speaks about the brand’s core values and the need for the messaging to be consistent over time. “Parle-G has always spoken from the child’s perspective. A child creates social connections with siblings, family, friends and others they care about in very different ways. Empathy comes easily at an early age and in uncomplicated terms. Before they are lost to age and practicality, an understanding of others can be rather sincere and honest. Taking this into account, the messaging has to acknowledge the child’s feelings and give it voice.” 

He added, “The journey of the brand from the last campaign to the current one is seamless and builds a deeper emotion in the minds of the audience. It appeals to the child and the parent alike. The devices used are in simple visual language that are easy to understand by young and old alike.”

Vinod Kunj, CCO & managing director at Thought Blurb explains, “Following a campaign thought over years and growing the brand with it requires a firm hold on the steering wheel. From our previous outings on the brand in 2018 & 2020, we had to find a growth path. That was the challenge.  We knew that we needed to stay timeless with our thinking, while keeping the overall brand thought in our sights. We know the stories had to resonate with audience across age groups and geographies, since this being broadcast in 13 languages. One of the endearing aspects of the campaign is the song that paraphrases the idea, and to see it shining through in every language is rewarding.” 

Joining in with her perspective on the creative execution, Renu Somani, national creative director of Thought Blurb adds, “We started out with deepening the connection between the main characters of the film and the audience. Making the viewer feel what each character feels, before that little surprise at the end of each story. Each element in the films is made to interact just right with the other. The build-up, the pauses, the visual explanation of the moment of resolution, the music and lyrics, all come together to create a touching tale in a short amount of time.” 

She emphasizes, “The soundtrack lays the foundation of the premise in the first half of each film and picks up after the solution has presented itself and explains how a little personal sacrifice can bring a little happiness to others.”

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