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Patrika Wellness launches GUUD, a brand aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles through its offerings

The company has partnered with Mumbai-based design agency Almond Branding for strategic branding and design.

With a vision of revolutionising health choices in India and beyond, Patrika Wellness introduces GUUD, a brand focused on promoting healthier lifestyles through its offerings in the food and beverage sectors. To create the brand GUUD, Patrika Wellness partnered with Almond Branding, a strategic branding and design agency known for building startup brands from the ground up.

The debut product line from GUUD addresses the prevalent issue of white sugar consumption by offering a range of value-added sugars. This move aims to simplify healthy living and cater to individuals seeking to improve their health without rigorous gym routines or strict diets.

According to the release, the logo identity and design language of GUUD reflect the brand's simplicity, combining a modern typeface and a yoga-inspired human element in the letter G. The brand colours, blue and yellow, represent the science and innovation driving force behind GUUD and the brighter, healthier side of life, respectively.

Ashok Arora, SVP of the Group said, "We are thrilled to announce our entry into the health and wellness industry. We aim to transform the way India and the world consumes by driving better health choices through an array of offerings in the Food and Beverage segments. Our vision is to become a leading wellness company with a significant presence in both India and international markets in the coming years."

Shashwat Das, founder, Almond Branding said, "We are delighted to collaborate with Patrika Wellness in creating their new brand, GUUD. Our goal was to simplify healthy living and make it more accessible to the health-conscious fence sitters. The core of the brand GUUD lies in its simplicity, which is reflected in the logo identity and design language. Yet another health and wellness brand in our kitty that truly makes a mark in the category."

GUUD's product portfolio offers a range of value-added sugars, starting from entry-level sugars enriched with Ayurvedic herbs to offerings such as diabetic-friendly sugars and future plans for sugar substitutes and sweeteners. A brand architecture was crafted to differentiate between the various sugar offerings, with names like Dia-fit, Slim-fit, and Family-fit Sugar tying the range together while emphasising their features.

The packaging design for GUUD had to maintain a distinctive and credible look to compete in both domestic and international markets. The challenge was to make packaging to straddle multiple price tiers (from Popular+ to Premium). The visual architecture ensured that the entire range was cohesive yet allowed each product variant to stand out and communicate its benefits effectively.

Strong emphasis was placed on communicating the science and efficacy of the product to the consumers. The packaging included informative text presented in an infographic style, highlighting the key details and addressing frequently asked questions. To capture the essence of a healthier lifestyle, the packaging features human figures engaged in light exercises like yoga and running.

With the launch of GUUD, Patrika Wellness has taken a step towards fulfilling its vision of becoming a leading wellness company in India and international markets. The brand aims to simplify healthy living and offer health benefits to individuals seeking convenient and accessible solutions for staying healthy.

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