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Pay when you earn at least Rs 5 lakh per annum, says coding edtech startup Masai School

It has released two ads that attempt to place it in a different space as compared to other edtech coding brands.

If edtech was, and is, the reigning empire of India, then coding is its capital city. You have Byju’s-owned WhiteHat Jr, Unacademy, Great Learning, Tinker Coders, StayQrious and many others that offer coding lessons to kids and adults alike.

Recently, we (afaqs!) came across an ad from Masai School, a Bengaluru-based coding school. Made by AutumnGREY, the 54-second ad talks about a poignant aspect of e-learning in the last couple of years.

Young executives leave their jobs to train themselves in these online certificate courses and then start searching for a job. While some succeed, others fail and rue leaving their jobs in the first place.

It’s an important question – job versus career? One wants to grow, but doesn’t have time to upskill. So, Masai School places itself as the best option, not on the strength of its courses, but these surprising features:

  • Rs 0 registration fees.

  • Rs 15,000/month living allowance for top students.

  • A seven-month full-time program.

  • Pay when you earn at least Rs 5 lakh per annum.

A second ad that was released on February 2 tackles the topic of whether one should compromise and settle for college placement or, instead, invest their time into learning to code.

An interesting aspect of Masai School is its enrolment process. One would expect you to choose a course, pay the fee and start learning. Well, it’s not the case at this coding school. You need to clear a programming test first, followed by an interview.

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