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Pedigree India ropes in Varun Dhawan as its first Indian brand ambassador

The brand has also launched an ad film conceptualised by 22feet Tribal Worldwide to amplify its purpose around pet nutrition.

MARS Petcare, a pioneer in pet care and nutrition, has roped in actor and proud dog dad Varun Dhawan, as its first Indian brand ambassador with an ad film for Pedigree India. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both Pedigree and the actor, promoting their aligned purpose for making the world a better place for pets and the importance of 100% complete and balanced food* for our furry companions.

At the outset of this collaboration, Pedigree launched a cricket themed digital ad film on Disney+ Hotstar. Conceptualised by 22feet Tribal Worldwide, the film takes an immersive approach displaying playful banter between the Pedigree dog and Varun Dhawan while watching a cricket match. As the centerpiece of this film, the witted dog takes Varun by surprise with his strength and agility, whose source is revealed to be Pedigree.

Commenting on the partnership, Salil Murthy, managing director, MARS Petcare India, said, “At Mars Petcare, we understand how important nutrition is to our consumers, especially for young pet parents who want to be responsible pet guardians. We have seen a significant shift in the way pet parents think about nutrition for their pets and we are committed to providing a 100% complete and balanced nutrition* with Pedigree. We are delighted to partner with Varun and wholeheartedly welcome him as the newest face of Pedigree India. As an award-winning actor and a fond dog lover, he resonates with Pedigree’s direction perfectly. We are confident that his influence will help us reach even more pet parents and further our mission of making a better world for pets.”

Vishnu Srivatsav, national creative director, 22Feet Tribal Worldwide shared, “We often look at our pets and wonder what they’re thinking. And it was really fun to deliver a message on the brand's new proposition of ‘100% complete and balanced nutrition’ while imagining the monologue in their head. It was a pleasure working with Varun Dhawan who’s also a pet parent and the chemistry clearly shows.”

The ad film has been designed to highlight Pedigree's commitment to providing 100% complete and balanced nutrition for our beloved dogs. Dogs have unique nutritional requirements that differ from humans in many ways, making it difficult for a typical home-prepared meal to meet a dog's needs. Meals considered nutritionally balanced for humans can have detrimental effects on dogs, leading to nutrient deficiencies or imbalances.

Pedigree is formulated to offer consistent, well-rounded nutrition tailored to different life stages, activity levels, and growth requirements. It boasts an impressive array of 37 vital nutrients in its formulations, promoting healthier bones and muscles and contributing to a shinier coat. Moreover, Pedigree adheres to stringent safety and quality standards, undergoes rigorous testing, and is cost-effective, making it a reliable choice for pet owners seeking to maintain their furry companions' well-being.

Varun Dhawan said, “It is exciting to work with Pedigree India, a brand so loved by all of us. Joining forces with this legacy brand feels like coming home to a bunch of like-minded souls who share my passion for our furry companions. Eating right is important not just for humans, but also for pets, given the profound impact they have on our lives. It is an honor to champion their well-being alongside a brand that is truly committed to delivering 100% complete and balanced meals.”

This campaign adds another feather to Mars Petcare’s hat. The brand has been driving category conversions through innovative campaigns like the Pedigree 6-week challenge which witnessed participation from celebrities like Shikhar Dhawan and Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanashree, Dinesh Karthik & Dipika Pallika earlier this year.

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