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Pepsi gives a shout-out to young India’s swag 

They’re spending their days and nights helping people, even strangers, during the second COVID wave because that’s what leaders do.

“When all this is over and it will be over soon, we will remember India’s young with a fiery will…”

Pepsi India’s latest spot is a shout-out to the youngsters, who went out of their way to help people during the ongoing second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“They got things done. Not just for family, or friends of friends. They came forward for strangers, for days on end,” remarks the voice-over.

Folks have amplified SOS calls on social media, stayed up all night to arrange for an oxygen cylinder, or to find a hospital bed for someone they’d never met… They did all this not because it’s what humanity is all about, but because help wasn’t available from traditional channels and authorities.

#GivingToughTimeAToughTime reads the title of the ad, that’s what the youngsters are all about.