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Pepsi introduces its zero calories ‘Black’ variant cola in a fountain cup for Burger King Restaurants…

… The variant made its India debut in 2017 to take on Coke Zero.

Pepsi India has released a new ad for its zero calories cola– Pepsi Black. The 30-second spot is an announcement that the beverage is now available in a fountain cup at Burger King India outlets.

What’s interesting is the description of the cola: Zero calories. Please note Pepsi Black isn’t a new drink, it was launched in 2017, as per media reports, to take on Coke Zero.

However, a 2018 Pepsi press release states it was introduced in 2018 as a new variant that promised great taste with reduced sugar content.

But, Pepsi Black isn’t the only healthy cola alternative the brand has introduced in India. There is Diet Pepsi and then there was the short-lived Pepsi Max, a zero-sugar cola that was launched in 2010. Unfortunately, it was discontinued soon after its launch.

In 2002, Pepsi introduced the Indian variant of Pepsi Twist, a lemon-flavoured cola. It was called Pepsi Aha.

And how can anyone forget Pepsi Blue? Introduced to rival Coca Cola's Vanilla Coke in 2003 for the Cricket World Cup, it had its fans and critics but was soon pulled from the shelves.

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