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P&G's new ad shines a light on 'The Pause' that affects the LGBTQ+ community

It's about the momentary hesitation before they decide how much of themselves they should reveal to others.

P&G's new ad film celebrates Pride Month by shining light on a crucial yet often unobserved experience LGBTQ+ community members face every day.

Made by Grey New York and called 'The Pause' it voices that momentary hesitation an LGBTQ+ individuals feel right before meeting someone and how that pause affects them.

The 60-second film is poignant as different members of the community voice their thoughts about the pause. Judgement, fear of rejection, stigma, and the need to be treated equally as everyone are some of the feelings they go through during the pause... "It changes the way I navigate the world sometimes...," sums up the impact of the pause on these people.

P&G says the film encourages people outside of the community to notice, reflect and realize how their reactions can make a difference. It says when love surrounds, there is no pause. A line from the film expresses what everybody should wish for, "I would love to have that moment where I don't have to pause."

Adding to this,the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prevents discrimination at work based on sex now includes gay and transgender workers; a huge win during Pride month.

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This ad film comes after a series of thought-provoking ad film from P&G aimed at racial injustice in the wake of the protests across the United States which then spread to several other countries.