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Piramal Pharma enters the Indian men's grooming market with the launch of BOHEM

Derived from the term 'Bohemian', it aims to normalise and elevate men's grooming by redefining and enhancing traditional methods.

Piramal Pharma's consumer products division (CPD) today announced its foray into men’s personal grooming category with the launch of BOHEM product range. This includes a Hair Removal Spray, a Beard Growth Oil, and an Underarm Roll-On. With BOHEM, Piramal Pharma intends to shift the grooming culture among men towards more inclusive self-care routines, leveraging scientifically proven ingredients for tangible results.

BOHEM draws inspiration from the word ‘Bohemian’ signifying unconventional identity or lifestyle. Taking cue from the same, the launch of BOHEM aims at normalising grooming among men. BOHEM’s product offerings have been crafted to redefine and elevate men's grooming practices.

BOHEM's Hair Removal Spray, Beard Growth Oil, and Underarm Roll-On
BOHEM's Hair Removal Spray, Beard Growth Oil, and Underarm Roll-On

Nitish Bajaj, CEO of Piramal CPD, said, "Men’s grooming spends now constitute almost 11% of the entire grooming category, shaping a market ripe for innovation. With BOHEM's debut, our goal is to address the demands of the contemporary men with the commitment to revolutionise men's grooming. Our vision extends beyond our initial offerings, with a range of exciting new products on the horizon. BOHEM represents a shift towards valuing uniqueness and empowering men to elevate their grooming practices. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to developing offerings that align with the unique needs of our consumers."

Piramal Pharma has been growing their power brand Lacto Calamine, majorly focused on oily skincare, quite well for the last few years. The launch of BOHEM aligns with the company's long-standing desire to cater to the male grooming market. With a lineup that includes a Hair Removal Spray, a Beard Growth Oil richly infused with 15 natural oils, and an Underarm Roll-On, BOHEM targets the enhancement of men's grooming by providing solutions like personal hygiene and beard nourishment.

Beyond these, the range will extend to include face washes, serums, and shower gels, each designed to meet the diverse needs of modern men. This expansion into the grooming market underscores BOHEM's ambition to provide holistic solutions that cater to every aspect of men's grooming.

BOHEM is available nationwide through eCommerce channels like Amazon, Flipkart, D2C platform Wellify and other quick commerce marketplaces.

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