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Piyush Mishra’s voice evokes nostalgia in Parle-G’s Republic Day ad

The film draws a parallel between the leading biscuit brand’s journey and India’s key achievements of 75 years.

Reminiscing India’s redefining moments till now, leading biscuit brand Parle Products is celebrating the spirit of a sovereign India in its Republic Day ad film. Tracing the journey of its flagship brand Parle-G, the film depicts the journey of the homegrown brand, as the country evolved from penning the history with its Independence movement to the present era of new normal, over a span of seven decades.

The film is an ode to primal turning points in the development of India, showcasing Parle-G as an integral part of every major event in the country’s history, as the nation’s biscuit partner.

Conceptualised by creative agency Please See, in partnership with Reliance Entertainment, the film uses archival footage of major milestones and glorious moments to talk about the freedom movement in the 1930s. Then, there is the 1971 war, India’s first World Cup win in the 1980s, iconic Bollywood characters ‘Raj and Simran’, to the successful space mission and successful creation of COVID vaccines.

All of these are interspersed with the amalgamation of Parle-G from its launch in the 1930s (Parle Gluco), to the pack version of today, which has been present at different intervals of history with the message ‘Years changed, but we stayed the same.’

Voicing the narrative is veteran thespian Piyush Mishra, whose earthy tone adds a whole new dimension to the film. To create this film, Parle Products sourced footage through different sources ranging from Getty to the Films Division. The film has been released on digital platforms. It has already garnered over 12 million views across all platforms.

Mayank Shah, senior category head, Parle Products, said, “Just as Parle Products stands for a swadeshi brand, our brand Parle-G is often referred to as ‘Desh Ka Apna Biscuit.’ We feel extremely proud and fortunate to be a part of India’s journey, from pre-Independence time to present day. The film carries a degree of nostalgia, as important events from the past play out in front of viewers. Just as the country crossed milestones over the years, so did Parle Products and gradually Parle-G has retained itself as the go-to product when one thinks of a biscuit.”

“In circulation for 79 years, we have kept the taste intact, with no change in the flavour of the Parle G ever since it was first sold in 1939. Parle shall continue to remain an integral part of the nation and, with the coming years, we hope to be a part of many such achievements - furthering our course with the country.”


Director: Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

Producer: Rajdeep Chowdhry

Account director: Aatif Lone

Creative director: Dhananjay Murty

Script: Dhananjay Murty, Ashvita Sequeira

Agency team: Simran Punjabi, Sonal Nayyar, Himanshu Chimbulkar, Jyotsna Ramachandran, Nikita Baria, Sidharth Bhasin

Creative agency: Please See

Production house: Reliance Entertainment

Video sources:

War footage: Films Division

1983: Getty

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