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Platinum Love Bands redefines relationships through its new campaign

The campaign launches a new collection of platinum love bands available across leading jewellery stores in India.

Platinum Guild India has come up with a new range of platinum love bands for modern lovers. The brand has always stood for values like mutual respect, equality and friendship.

Its latest video shows a young couple in the phase of understanding each other before marriage. Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, the film highlights the predominant cultural truth of arranged marriage where a woman is expected to be perfect in all aspects. 

The lead woman is seen shouting for some work and suddenly calms down after her fiancé walks in. While she fears losing him amidst anxiety, he glimpses an unfamiliar facet of her that isn’t like the perfect side he has seen so far. This revelation deepens his affection for her. He comes to realise that he loves his partner for all that she is, liberating her from any pressure to always be perfect. The film concludes by exchanging love bands and marking this one of a kind love with platinum. 

The campaign has chosen a multi-media strategy supported via TV, print, digital and social. 

Speaking on the campaign Sujala Marits, director, consumer marketing, PGI India said, “ We wanted to approach a form of love that is truly exceptional, where the quest for acceptance of individuality didn’t mean the magic was lost. Finding a relationship based on shared dreams, strong support, mutual respect and acceptance makes it rare against the backdrop of arranged marriages. These are defining moments in a relationship that merit only platinum.”

“ We felt that where folks always have to portray the best version of themselves, platinum stands for that rare love that lets people just be themselves”, added,  Vishnu Srivatsav, national creative director, 22feet Tribal Worldwide. 

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