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Plix takes a dig at soda drinks, asks users to #SwapYourFizz

The plant-based nutrition brand’s digital campaign urges people to replace sodas and aerated drinks with clean, plant-based, sugar-free and tasty alternatives.

With the onset of summer, the consumption of soft drinks, sodas and other sugary, fizzy drinks is rapidly rising across India. Plix, a plant-based nutrition brand, is asking people to #SwapYourFizz ahead of World Health Day (April 7).

Through its campaign, Plix aims to spread awareness about the harms of consuming sodas and the healthy alternatives offered by the brand.

Rising at a CAGR of 5.37 per cent, the global soft drinks market has reached nearly $900 billion and, as per estimates, the global average soft drink consumption per person is going to be about 47.49 litres in 2022. Soft drinks have high amounts of sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc., that lead to obesity and other issues in both children and adults.

Plix is looking at changing the consumption patterns of people. Through a series of interesting posts, videos and vox pop, the brand has unveiled a range of delicious, healthy drinks that are completely devoid of harmful artificial flavours, sweeteners, etc. It is asking people to #SwapYourFizz for these healthy alternatives.

Speaking about this, Krithika Sriram, chief growth officer, Plix, said, “All of us tend to grab a can of our favourite cola or other fizzy, flavoured drinks when we are thirsty. Visit a relative, friend or acquaintance, and chances are that you will be served a bubbly soft drink to quench your thirst. In our bid to beat the heat, we often forget how harmful these soft drinks that we consume in gallons can be. There is, thus, an urgent need to make consumers aware of these ill effects, and help them choose better/ healthier soft drink options, especially in summer.”

“We have introduced delicious, zero-sugar drinks, which are completely plant-based, and full of nutrients that aid in physical and mental wellness, boost immunity, and keep the consumers healthier holistically. Our aim is to make people eat and drink products that are as good for the taste buds as they are for the entire body.”

Plix was founded in March 2019 and offers a range of plant-based products containing raw superfoods in delicious, easy to consume and innovative forms. These help in enhancing fitness, wellness and beauty inside and out. Through its rapidly expanding range of offerings, Plix aims to change the conventional approach that people have towards nutritional supplements.

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