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Plum declares ‘You Can Have It All’ in its latest SPF 50 Sunscreen campaign

The campaign showcases the product’s new-gen filters, non-oily and lightweight formula.

Plum, a 100% vegan beauty brand, has strengthened its position in the market with the all-new Cica and Hyaluronic Acid SPF 50 PA+++ Aqua-light Sunscreen. This latest addition to the brand's portfolio is spotlighted in a new advertising campaign emphasising its superlight formula, absence of white cast and non-sticky feel.

The launch of the product is accompanied by an ad campaign that communicates a clear and impactful message: “You Can Have It All” with this sunscreen.

The narrative emphasises the idea that one shouldn’t compromise with a sunscreen, just as one should not compromise on life decisions. The campaign film engages its target audience through a light-hearted and humorous approach, featuring a conversation between a couple (an understated uncle and a curious aunty) and a young woman applying sunscreen in an elevator.

The inquisitive aunty poses questions about the product, receiving prompt and witty responses. The film takes a playful turn when the young woman encounters her boyfriend, humorously assuring the aunty (while casting a glance at the husband), "You can have it all, Aunty!"

Plum declares ‘You Can Have It All’ in its latest SPF 50 Sunscreen campaign

Dermatologically tested and equipped with safe, new generation UV filters for prolonged sun protection, the sunscreen is packed with Cica extract to soothe redness and inflammation, along with four types of Hyaluronic acid to boost deep, lasting skin hydration.

Shankar Prasad, founder and CEO, Plum, expressed, “As summer approaches, our latest addition is poised to enhance the self-care experience for individuals. Aligned with our brand ethos of "be good," this film skillfully communicates the importance of not compromising on skincare products, using a light-hearted and humorous approach that will boost recall among our target audience. The Cica and Hyaluronic Acid SPF 50 Sunscreen represents a contemporary solution for our consumers dealing with modern-day challenges such as pollution and harmful UV rays.”

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