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POCO breaks through the clutter with its humorous campaign for its new model

'Return of the King', the campaign created by Media.Monks India, shares a tongue-in-cheek take on work dynamics.

POCO launches its newest model, the POCO F5 with the humorous campaign ‘Return of the King’. Aiming to break through the clutter and to stand out from the standard format, the series of short films promote the phone through tongue-in-cheek dynamics between bosses and employees.

The three films created by POCO’s long-standing partner Media.Monks India, each follow a situation between an employee and their boss, where the employee takes control and deals with their frustrations, and the premium smartphone is key. The films, which will be live during India’s most popular sporting event IPL, are supported by a social media amplification campaign that encourages users to share their own stories of boss-employee dynamics using the hashtag #ReturnOfTheKing.

Himanshu Tandon, Country Head, Poco India, says: "We are thrilled to launch our 'Return of the King' campaign for the POCO F5 smartphone. This creative and humorous approach showcases the advanced features of the POCO F5, highlighting its lightning-fast processor, long battery life, and mesmerizing camera capabilities. The campaign captures the essence of our brand's commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional value to our customers. Through relatable boss-employee dynamics, we aim to connect with our audience on an emotional level, positioning the POCO F5 as the ultimate choice for productivity and capturing stunning moments."

Kiran Ramamurthy, Chief Operating Officer at Media.Monks India, adds: “Smartphone advertising has unfortunately become a bit formulaic. It was therefore refreshing when the client wanted to move away from the speeds and feeds kind of work that is dominating the category currently. While the premise of the phone is still 'performance', moving the thought to 'performance under pressure' and using a highly relatable creative metaphor is what makes this campaign different."

The POCO F5 is a premium smartphone with advanced features at a competitive price point. The ‘Return of the King’ campaign can be seen below and will run until the end of May 2023.

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