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Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens collaborates with SRK and Rashmika Mandanna for its latest campaign

Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens, has collaborated with Shah Rukh Khan and the Rashmika Mandanna. This sensational partnership brings forth a spicy symphony of India's rich flavors and the captivating allure of Bollywood, offering audiences a slice of life production so mouthwatering, it will undoubtedly leave them yearning for more.

The five-film campaign is an expansive canvas that artfully explores the rich legacy of Bhujia and finds a sweet spot for beloved treats like Gulab-Jamun & Rosogolla in our daily celebrations. As it captures two of the country’s most popular heartthrobs indulging in the unique flavors of India, it serves as a poignant reminder of the integral role the iconic laddu has played and continues to play in our culture. This exceptional collaboration is presented by Collective Creative Labs, an illustrious production house that operates under the esteemed banner of Collective Artists Network.

Speaking about this landmark collaboration, Manish Agarwal, managing director of Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "We are thrilled to have partnered with two of the most iconic figures in the Indian film industry, Shah Rukh Khan and Rashmika Mandanna. This collaboration not only showcases our commitment to providing authentic Indian flavours to the world but also celebrates our rich heritage and the love our customers have shown us over the years. We believe these films will resonate with people across the globe and inspire them to savour the taste of India."

Elaborating on the creative journey, Smriti Sharma Bhaskar, chief creative officer at Collective Creative Labs, remarked, "This campaign transcends the mere promotion of products; it is an endeavor to evoke emotions, stir nostalgia, and forge a lasting connection between Prabhuji and our audience. It pays homage to India's rich heritage and flavors, pays tribute to those daily moments when we relish these delicacies, and celebrates the harmonious coexistence of tradition and modernity. The presence of Shah Rukh and Rashmika has added an extraordinary charm to this endeavor."


Client: Prabhuji Pure Food
Marketing Head: Abhinav Agarwal 

Creative Agency & Production House: Collective Creative Labs
CCO & Business Head: Smriti Sharma Bhaskar
Business Head - Ops and Production: Sanjana Jain
Head of Servicing: Anisha Mukherji
Copy Head: Yathartha Sharma

Senior Producer: Ganesh B Iyer

Producer: Riddhindra Chaudhari

Production Team: 

Director: Kartik Ramnathkar

DOP: Ayananka Bose

Chief AD: Ragini Gunjan 

DA: Harsh Kothari

2nd AD: Abdullah Khan 

3rd AD: Priyanka Shah
Food Expert: Goldwin Fonseca

Food Stylist: Nitin Tandon 

Service Provider: Tafreeh Studios

HOP: Moby 

Line Producer: Kalim Shaikh 

Production Manager: Athar Khan

U.P.M: Vaishnavi Chavan & Shivaa Trivedi 

Production Assistant: Jai Sahani & Anas Choudhary 

Finance Head: Mahender Pawar 

Accounts Exchange: Amol Jadhav 

Data in-charge: Mohit Gupta

Light Vendor: Light and Light 

Light Vendor: Light Craft & Sound

Camera Vendor: Prasad Equipment 

Camera Vendor: Sera’s Equipment 

Grips: Cine Grips Service

Production Designer: Team Pattern

Costume Stylist: Radhika Shah

Hair & Make-up: Satvinder Kalsi

Post Production:

Offline: Nikhil Alve

Online: Gaurav (Splice Studioz)

Colourist: Ivan Narozhny (Nube Studios)

Music directors: Adnan and Joell

Sound Studio: Orbis 

Sound Engineer: Sashwat

Post Producer: Rahul Juneja

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