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Prega News launches the #SheCanCarryBoth video, spotlighting women balancing career and motherhood

It aims to showcase an inspiring woman who embodies strength, compassion, and purpose in her dual roles.

Prega News, a pregnancy test kit brand from Mankind Pharma, released a new video campaign titled #SheCanCarryBoth leading up to International Women's Day on March 8. The video highlights women who balance their professional and personal responsibilities.

The video features actress Pooja Gor as Meenal, a dedicated teacher in the final weeks of her pregnancy. Despite her condition, Meenal is committed to the education of her students. She selflessly provides extra classes and support to the weaker 12th-grade students to help them pass their upcoming board exams. While the rest of the school staff might have written off the children who fail their exams, with some even suggesting Meenal focus on her own unborn child, she carries on because after all, these are her children too.

"With #SheCanCarryBoth, we wanted to showcase an inspiring woman who embodies strength, compassion and purpose in playing her dual roles as an educator and mother-to-be," said Joy Chatterjee, AVP, sales and marketing head of Mankind’s Consumer Business Unit. "Meenal's story reflected the quiet struggles of women everywhere who balance professional expectations and personal duties with grace."

According to a report, 'Approximately 50% of working women continue to work through their pregnancy with an unwavering commitment.' Aligning with this sentiment, the affirmative message of #SheCanCarryBoth is a reinforcement of Prega News’ commitment to celebrating and empowering women across India. This also resonates with Mankind Pharma, which has a sizeable number of women employees in its workforce.

"We are proud to have honoured women like Meenal who uplift their communities through small daily acts of courage and kindness," Chatterjee continued. "Mankind Pharma is dedicated to creating positive social change and progressive values. The #SheCanCarryBoth video champions gender equality by showing an inspirational woman thriving in both her career and family life."

With its mix of humour, emotion and insight, the #SheCanCarryBoth video aims to entertain and inspire viewers while highlighting important social issues. With an 85% market share, Prega News is positioned to raise awareness on women's empowerment and equal access to opportunities. As the brand moves into the complete neonatal and maternity care market, the #SheCanCarryBoth video is the latest initiative aligned with Prega News' commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion and women's advancement across India.

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