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Priyagold launches new campaign ft. Kiara Advani for new Snakker Biscuits

The campaign employs humour and wittiness to engage with the younger demographic, fostering a deeper connection with the segment.

Priyagold, a player in the FMCG industry, has come up with a new campaign to create curiosity around the new range of Snakker biscuits among the Gen Z audience.

With the launch of the new biscuit, the brand coined the term ‘Snakk’ to strike a chord with the youth. Resonating with their interest, Priyagold aspires to make Snakker biscuits synonymous to snacks.

The video features brand ambassador Kiara Advani to tap the interest of youngsters. The popularity of the actress, coupled with her social media presence bodes well for establishing a strong connection with the Gen Z audience.

Through the video posted on the celebrity’s social media platform, the brand created curiosity by showcasing the actress involved in baking a cake with secret ingredients. This keeps the audience hooked by compelling them to guess the favorite snack of the actress. Incorporating the popular Gen Z term "Snakk” played an instrumental role in piquing interest of the audience and driving maximum engagement from them.

Ultimately, the roll out of a video by Kiara Advani revealing the launch of the Snakker biscuit from the house of Priyagold garnered huge engagement from the audience, implying their trust in the brand. At the same time, the revelation depicted the delectability of the cookie for indulgence in a rich, creamy flavour with a hint of crunchiness to it.

For driving mileage around the campaign, the brand also roped in relatable comedy influencers to amplify awareness surrounding the Priyagold Snakker Biscuit. In the process, humour and wittiness were infused to the campaign to foster deeper connection with the audience.

Speaking on the occasion, Mannas Agarwwal, Priyagold's director, said, "The campaign is designed to appeal to Gen-Z audience and that is why we incorporated the term “Snakk” for Snakker Biscuit which has two meanings, one means a Snack to have when hungry and other is referred to someone who is attractive or appealing. It is very important that we do ad campaigns which appeal to the younger demographic because they are becoming our largest consumer segment.”

According to the release, Priyagold is at the forefront of leading the trend in the FMCG sector by curating innovative offerings. Bringing about the confluence of quality and affordability, the brand has been a top choice among Indians for the past 23 years, reinforcing its capability to offer a range of delectable products.

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